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Two local leaders assassinated after participating in a base ball game!!!

Last night after participating in a base ball game at the sports complex “Parque Naciones Unidas and while on their way back home, Dayana Carolina Azuaje, a teacher at the Armed Forces University (UNEFA), and her companion Gabriel Tovar, both leaders of the Simon Bolivar Coordinator (CSB) were machined gunned to death. Both were social revolutionaries belonging to the Simon Bolivar Coordinator, located in the 23rd January neighborhood in western Caracas.

Tribuna Popular spoke to Juan Contreras, president of the CSB, who informed us that both Dayana and Gabriel had taken part in the protests held last week in FEDCAMARAS (bosses organization) and at the private TV channel Globovision. Both of these organizations are accused of being involved in the destabilization plan which is being directed against the Venezuelan people.

Contreras pointed out that in Globovision’s coverage of the protest at its installations, the cameras had taken pictures which had been shown on the channel several times.

“While revolutionaries express our selves with graffiti, dialogue and arguments, they do it with bullets. This is the answer fascism gives to freedom of expression and the right to hold protests,” Contreras stated. He added that everyone has to be alert and organized to stop the coup mongering which is being prepared to overthrow the revolutionary government.

The assassination of revolutionary social leaders has started to become an almost daily occurrence. Let’s remember the cases of Carlos Vega from Valencia who was assassinated by hit men after denouncing irregularities in the municipality, as well as the assassination of Franco, leader of the Bolivarian motorcyclists in Caracas just over a month ago.
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